Sustainable Production with Value for Decades to Come

Resilient and Reliable

Vesta never wavers in the pursuit of delivering measurable results for our stakeholders. Even when faced with the uncertainties that the ever-changing oil and gas industry poses, our combination of expertise, cutting-edge technology, and rigorous safety practices allow us to operate resiliently and reliably. We look to the future and plan accordingly. By rethinking what is possible tomorrow, we deliver outstanding returns today.

Largest land position with owned and controlled infrastructure

Vesta holds the largest consolidated land position in the Duvernay oil play in central Alberta. With over 249,000 acres of 100 percent working interest prospective Duvernay rights, our drilling inventory is extensive, low risk and without commitments. Additionally, established and owned infrastructure allows us to control our destiny whereby we are not driven by the needs of third-party operators or contractual commitments. The resulting flexibility allows us to react quickly to changing commodity prices as well as drive down costs and improve resiliency.

Open and Transparent

We aim to be clear and direct in our communications. If you have any questions regarding Vesta’s history, current operations, or future ambitions, please reach out.